Viasat Data Cap: How Viasat Data Limit Works?

Knowing Viasat data cap policy can be crucial if you are considering switching to this satellite internet service provider.

 Each plan comes with allotted high-speed data and unlimited standard data simultaneously. 

When you exhaust the allocated data, you still have unlimited standard data to use but at a slower speed. 

However, the speed may not handle some high data-demanding internet activities such as streaming and gaming effectively. 

How Viasat Data Cap Works

Though Viasat advertises unlimited data in all its plans, it is not the case.

 The service has data threshold limits on the amount of data you can use within a billing cycle. 

Each of its plans comes with a specified data allowance, typically measured in gigabytes (GB). 

If you go for the 100 GB data plan, you are allotted 100 gigabytes of data for activities like browsing, streaming, and downloading during your monthly billing period. 

Should you consume the allocated data, the service may implement what they describe as a “data threshold” or Viasat “soft” data cap. You will still enjoy most of your internet activities but at a “snail” speed. Gaming and streaming may not be effective. 

On the positive aspect, the slowdown is a measure to ensure fair usage among all subscribers and maintain a reasonable quality of service for everyone on the network. 

Also, the reduction in speed is only temporary until the start of the next billing cycle. 

Viasat Data Plans and Their Respective Thresholds

Now that you know there are no Viasat data caps, you may be wondering what is the best data plan for you. 

Viasat offers a range of unlimited data service plans tailored to meet diverse internet usage needs, each accompanied by specific data thresholds.

 Understanding these plans and their respective thresholds is vital to optimizing your online experience. 

Here is a table detailing each data plan offered by Viasat and its threshold:

Plan NameData Threshold
Basic 1215GB
Bronze 1230, 40, or 80 GB, depending on your selected plan
Bronze 2535 GB
Silver 1245 or 60 GB, depending on your selected plan 
Silver 2560, 100, or 120 GB, depending on your selected plan
Gold 1265 or 100 GB, depending on your selected plan 
Gold 30100 or 200 GB, depending on your selected plan 
Gold 50100 or 200 GB, depending on your selected plan
Platinum 30 150 GB
High-speed data300 – 500 GB

Choosing the Right Viasat Plan for Your Internet Activities

So, how do you know which Viasat service plan is right for you? 

When selecting a data plan, it is crucial to understand your specific internet usage patterns and habits. 

For instance, streaming and downloading large files requires a lot of data. 

So, if you frequently use the internet for these activities, you are better off going with a mid to premium-tier plan. 

On the other hand, if you mainly use the internet for regular web browsing, any entry-level plan should be more than enough. 

Usually, the higher the tier, the more internet speed you will enjoy. Here are the speeds you can expect from each of the data thresholds listed above:

Data ThresholdExpected Speed 
40 – 60 GB 12 – 25 Mbps
100 – 150 GB50 – 75 Mbps
300 – 500 GB100 – 150 Mbps

Another factor to consider when deciding which Viasat unlimited data plan to buy is the number of devices you intend to connect.

 For instance, if you use the service in an office with many connected devices, it is worth getting the premium plans. 

The more devices you connect and the more data-intensive activities you engage in, the quicker you will hit the data threshold. 

This is especially true if you’re on an entry-level plan. While you’ll continue to enjoy unlimited internet after you reach the data threshold, you may experience slightly slower speed during the period of network congestion

A family streaming on multiple devices

A family streaming on multiple devices

Does Viasat Have Data Caps on Video Streaming?

As already highlighted, there are no data caps on Viasat unlimited data plans. This extends not just to regular browsing but also to video streaming. 

That said, engaging in high-definition or frequent video streaming can contribute to reaching your data threshold quickly. 

Luckily, you can deploy several tools and strategies to maximize your streaming experience. The next section delves into this in more detail. 

How to Get the Best Browsing Experience with Viasat Data Thresholds

While you never have to worry about Viasat data caps, the “data threshold” system utilized by this provider can be limited at times. 

The main drawback of the Viasat data threshold lies in the potential for reduced internet speed once you surpass your monthly limit. 

This can impact your online activities, causing streaming interruptions or slower downloads. 

Additionally, the risk of slowed speeds during peak usage times can affect your overall browsing experience. 

Nevertheless, several ways to optimize your browsing experience with Viasat’s data thresholds exist. 

Monitor Your Data Usage

First, you need to monitor your data usage to ensure you’re staying within the limit allocated by your plan. 

Fortunately, Viasat offers data monitoring tools that you can use to track your data usage. 

With a user-friendly interface and clear visualizations, these tools provide insights into your data consumption, empowering you to effectively manage and stay within your allocated data threshold.

 By staying informed about your data usage, you can proactively manage it and adjust as needed to avoid potential slowdowns due to the data threshold.

Network monitoring concept via a phone

Network monitoring concept via a phone

Schedule Data Intensive Activities

Another great way to make the most out of Viasat’s data thresholds is by scheduling data-intensive activities during periods of unmetered data. 

For instance, if you are using a mesh WiFi system with your Viasat plan, you can schedule automatic updates and backups during off-peak hours to optimize data usage. 

Adjust Video Quality

If you want to optimize your browsing further, consider exploring content streaming options that allow you to adjust video quality settings. 

Lowering the resolution can significantly reduce streaming data consumption without affecting the viewing experience. 

The good news is most streaming platforms offer this option in their playback setting panel. 

Update Your Device and Application Regularly

Regularly updating your devices and applications will fix the bugs and refine the background processes. 

This ensures more efficient data usage, benefiting you more from your data cap. 

The Final Thought

Viasat is one of the best satellite service providers and its closest competitors in Hughesnet and Starlink.

 It offers one of the best data caps with great speed at an affordable price. 

Once you exhaust the cap, you get connected to standard unlimited data, which can be pretty slow but still good. 

If satellite internet is your best option, Viasat is a great option. You may consider the 300 – 500 GB data for a speed of up to 100 Mbps.