Starlink Token Price Prediction: What Is It and Should You Buy

With Starlink, the satellite internet provider, on an upward trajectory, it seems like the right time for a Starlink token price prediction. 

Starlink token (STARL) looks like a good long-term investment. The numbers indicate that Starlink coin projections will continue to rise.

From a high of $0.000080 in 2021, it has gone through lows and highs, attaining $0.0000166 at its peak. There is chatter about it hitting $0.00001709 for holders that maintain it till 2027. 

Should you trust the numbers? We’ll tell you if it’s a good call to invest and why you should keep your eye on the Starlink token in the future. 

Starlink Tokens: What Are They?

Starlink tokens are based on Ethereum

The Starlink tokens are based on Ethereum

Starlink Internet and Starlink token are not the same project. The Starlink tokens are not directly associated with Elon Musk or Starlink Internet. You can find out about Starlink internet stocks here

Do you remember when the Metaverse was abuzz with exciting prospects of all the wonderful things you could do? 

Starlink tokens (STARL) are a means of exchange in the Starlink project. The project itself is based on the Metaverse.

It’s a project where you can own a virtual slice of the Starlink space station and trade. 

The project allows you to advertise, sell, or buy satellites in the Metaverse.

Also, artists can create Starlink-inspired art, make modifications to space infrastructure, and participate in missions.

And how do you fund all these activities? Starlink tokens.

Exciting stuff, right?

Is Starlink Coin A Good Investment?

A chart showing various cryptocurrency movement

A chart showing various cryptocurrency movement

Cryptocurrency has been on a rough patch for a while. However, some faithfuls maintain there’s still good times to come. They are hopeful that coins with great utility are suitable for holding. 

And that’s why some proponents maintain their grasp of Starlink coin. 

Based on several independent assessments, Starlink coin seems like a good investment. And these are some reasons why you can trust the coin to be a wise long-term hold. 

Real Utility

You’ve heard of meme coins that only helped a handful of people to cash out. They weren’t backed by any real utility other than users propping them up. 

However, Starlink coin is a means of exchange in a long-term project where people can use it to trade. It’ll give users a value holder to use in a virtual economy. 

For context, here’s what you can trade using Starlink coin. 

  • NFT satellite assets
  • Living modules
  • Custom spacecraft
  • Virtual real estate within the STARL Metaverse 
  • Character modifications

Credible Community

The Starlink coin is still a ‘newish’ coin. Therefore, it may have all the stylings of a meme coin or a pump and dump.

However, it has strong backing from a large community in a CREDIBLE virtual space, the Metaverse. 

Also, it doesn’t hurt that the Starlink coin holders have to approve any changes that affect it in the Metaverse. 

A Good Show on The Fear and Greed Index

The fear and Greed Index is a stock index performance gauge that shows whether stock prices have fair pricing. 

The Fear and Greed index indicates now is a good time to buy Starlink tokens. 

Stock trading is driven by fear or greed. When potential investors and seasoned traders operate out of fear, they might sell or hold.

However, they might buy in higher numbers if they are ‘greedy.’ That means they foresee a situation where they can make more in the future. They buy and hold to sell and make profits. 

Now, Starlink coin projections show the coin is a worthy investment. Note the Starlink crypto price prediction shows figures that stretch until the 2040s. 

Is Starlink Crypto A Good Investment?

Disclaimer: We don’t recommend this as professional financial advice. Research and do due diligence before making any major financial calls. 

Starlink Crypto is Etherium-based. Ethereum-based tokens enjoy a good deal of faith.
As a project, Starlink crypto is built on the principle of real people interacting in the Metaverse. Digital assets in the metaverse have real value.

Therefore, the people investing in these digital assets need a means of exchange for as long as that digital landscape exists. 

That long-term play in the virtual reality space makes Scarlink crypto a good investment. 

Furthermore, Starlink crypto has been recording good steady numbers since 2021. It’s been only two years since then. Two years in the crypto space is a short time to consider a project a bust if it’s on an upward trajectory. 

Despite its good numbers over the past few months, Starlink crypto has been largely bearish. Although it has been bulling about 47% of the time, there are still some major jitters about Starlink coin projections. 

What Is The Current Starlink Token Price Prediction?

CoinMarketCap has ranked STARL 594 as of the time of this write-up. Also, the current Starlink token price is $0.000004 USD, having traded $3,742,303 USD in 24 hours. 

Despite the current downward trend, Starlink coin projections show there might be an upward correction, especially for bullish holders with a more futuristic approach. 

For example, the token price is expected to hit a yearly high of $0.000065 in 2024. 

However, you must remember the Starlink token project is a long-term hold. We’re looking at Starlink crypto price prediction up to 2040 or after. 

Between 2024 and 2030, the price prediction of Starlink coin is likely to look as follows. 

In 2025, you can expect a $0.00027 high. Still, there’s the potential of a $0.000071 if the market turns bearish. In 2026, Starlink token price can hit a high of $ 0.00001394.

It’ll be hard to make accurate predictions after 2026. The projections after this are purely speculative and hinged on the acceptance of the Starlink crypto project. Still, there’s chatter about a $0.00001416 price. 

Yet, some parties are not too confident about Starlink. They foresee a $0.000004779 low in 2026. 

2027, 2028, and 2029 Starlink coin price predictions are all set on major institutions recognizing it as a legitimate means of exchange.

Therefore, prices between those periods swing between $ 0.00002190 and $ 0.00003904. However, 2029 might also see a low of $ 0.00002071. 

Starlink Coin Price Prediction 2030

Heading into 2030, most long-term holders believe Starlink will have more recognition and adoption in real-world daily usage. However, opinions differ wildly.

Some camps insist the price will shoot to $0.0072. Others think there’s no way Starlink will rise. They think it might even see a further drop to $0.000000841. 

Coinmarketcap has put a $0.00002602 ceiling on Starlink’s price in 2030. Since these projections are still heavily influenced by presumptions of acceptance and growth of the token, it would be challenging to place an exact prediction. 

Starlink Token Presale

The official Starlink token website states there is no Starlink token presale. However, it has a link where you can buy the token. 

Also, the token has analysis pages on Binance. Yet, the token is not listed on Binance.

But based on the above predictions, you can buy the token through other means. 

If you would like to hop on the Starlink train and hold long-term, you can buy the token on and BKEX. Other exchanges you can rely on include Pancake Swap and Uniswap.

There is one presale, though. Warped Games has a presale. 

Warped Games and Starlink is a collaboration project like the other collaborations Starlink has had. You can get the $WARPED token presale on Coingecko. 

Conclusion: STARL is a longterm investment

The crypto market has had a rough time. Still, projects such as Starlink are emerging. They are backed by real utility and have a thriving community willing to see out the long-term rewards of tokens like Starlink Coin.
Buy tokens on verified exchanges and keep an eye on yearly trends instead of short-term benefits.