Starlink Router Settings: What Can You Change + Router Setup

You and two million other Starlink subscribers can enhance your internet experience if you can change your Starlink router settings. 

You can access and configure Starlink router settings via a web portal or the Starlink App. And you must be connected to your Starlink account and the Starlink router.

There, you can change your logins, strengthen parental controls for devices, and increase performance

Let’s set up your router, shall we?

What Can You Configure In Starlink Settings?

That initial router setup is the first step to optimizing performance. Starlink’s router is unique, and has pros and cons.
On one hand, it protects you and the equipment from outside changes if someone has access to your network. On the other hand, it limits users who want more control over their router. 

Still, here are a few advanced things you can control if you know how to change Starlink router settings

  • Parental controls for devices
  • MAC address filters that limit who joins your network.
  • Port forwarding provides user protocol to connect to other servers from your device.
  • DHCP scope that manages IP addressing

Some of the primary uses for changing Starlink router settings include

  • Changing SSID/Password details
  • Managing the frequency bands
  • Enabling bridge or bypass mode
  • Setting Custom Domain Naming Systems

As you can see, mastering router settings can make your Starlink more secure and faster. 

How To Setup Starlink Router

Getting Started with a new Starlink kit is super easy. After plugging in your router to the dish and the power outlet, go to your phone’s app store and download the Starlink app. 

Enter your email and password to associate the app with your Starlink account. Press the ‘x’ on the left side of the screen to exit the page and proceed to set up. 

  1. Hit “Start Setup”
  2. Choose your dish. (There should be about four illustrated choices.)
  3. Click ‘Join Network’. This page will show you your Starlink WiFi network.
  4. Under WiFi networks, you will see a network labeled STINKY. Tap that one. 
  5. You will be directed to the login page where you create the Starlink network. Enter the WiFi network name and WiFi password, then click CREATE. 
  6. Go back to the setup page. 
  7. Press on Scan The Entire Sky.
  8. Point the camera towards the clear sky. 
  9. Aim your phone in every area where you see green dots. The loading screen should indicate a certain percentage.
  10. Clear the dots and click on View Results. The app will give you a view of the coverage map, indicating which area is least congested and likely to receive strong signals. 
  11. On the final settings page, join the Starlink network. It will show that Starlink is connected. 
  12. Click CONTINUE to finish the Starlink setup. 

How To Access Starlink Router

There are two ways to access your Starlink router: through the app or web portal. 

We recommend using the Starlink app on your smartphone. For starters, you have full-time access to your phone most of the time. 

Plus, it’s available for iOS and Android. 

Accessing Starlink Router settings Via The App

Using a smartphone to access a router

Using a smartphone to access a router

To access and change any router settings through your Starlink app, you must wirelessly connect to the router or use the ethernet cable. 

Additionally, you need to be logged into your Starlink account and synced to the router. 

  1. Open your phone’s Starlink app. You may have to wait until the connection shows you are ONLINE. 
  2. Tap Settings. You’ll see two fields: router and Starlink.
  3. Tap Router. 

Once you are in the router settings, you can proceed to the advanced router settings, where you can tweak more technical details about your router. 

However, be careful with advanced settings. Changing advanced settings such as DHCP scope and MAC address can limit access to networks and users. 

Accessing Starlink Router settings Via Web Portal

Using a computer to access the router

Using a computer to access the router

You can access your Starlink router and change settings even when far from your phone. The only requirement is that the device you use should be connected to your Starlink network. 

You can use a computer, a phone, or a tablet. 

  1. Open the web browser and go to the URL box. Type “”. Alternatively, type the Starlink dish address
  2. Enter the router’s SSID and password. You can enter the default SSID and password if you haven’t changed them. The default details should be printed on the router close to the serial number. 

Note: Accessing the router settings via the web portal doesn’t provide administrator access. You can only change the same setting you would change if you accessed via the app. 

How To Change Starlink Router Settings

While you can change router settings via the Starlink app and through a web browser, there are changes you can only make when you use the app. 

  • You cannot rename your connection through the web browser. 
  • You can only tweak settings for the snow melting feature using the app. 

Here are some features you can change, though. 

Starlink router name and password. 

Changing your Starlink router name and password safeguards you against random unauthorized access from anyone with network access. 

The most crucial thing you must know to change Starlink router settings is your IP address. 

Starlink uses or 

You gain access to the settings once you enter the router name and password.
Tap on settings, then proceed to WiFi configuration. 

Change the name and password in the provided fields. 

End the procedure with SAVE. The changes should be reflected immediately. 

Changing the network name also allows you to name the 2.4GHz band and 5Ghz band. That way, you can decide which band to connect to according to the speed required. 

The 2.4 GHz band supports multiple devices and has a stronger signal across a bigger distance. On the other hand, the 5Ghz band spreads over a shorter distance and supports higher speeds. 

DNS settings

Custom DNS settings make your router less susceptible to external snooping. 

You will find the Custom DNS toggle under advanced settings when you open the Settings tab. 

Toggle the switch, and you can enter different DNS servers.
However, remember to separate the different servers with commas. 

Can You Change the IP from The Starlink Router Settings?

You cannot change the Starlink router IP address from the settings. In fact, you can’t change the dish’s IP address or the DHCP server IP range. 


The ‘192.168. 1.0/24’ address is hardcoded into the router. 

Therefore, you would have to connect to the same subnet if you got another Starlink router. 

If you got a 3rd party router, you’d have to ensure it has a route to the 192.168.1.x address for you to have access to the configuration page. 

Conclusion: Change Router Settings To Optimize Starlink Experience

Starlink’s proprietary router is only part of the package that seeks to improve internet connectivity to people in rural areas. The initial setup and a few changes can improve Starlink’s durability, speed, and performance. Furthermore, it boosts your online safety. 

The best way to access router settings and initiate changes is through your smartphone in the Starlink app.