Starlink Residential Vs. RV: The Guide To Help You Choose A Starlink Plan

Potential subscribers like you are comparing Starlink Residential vs. RV. Starlink has become popular in more rural areas globally. 

Starlink Residential is a reliable plan offering prioritized service to settled internet users in areas conventional internet service providers can’t reach.

The Starlink RV adds to the convenience of satellite internet when you’re out on the road and need fast speeds at any destination. 

We’ve outlined key differences and unique insights to help you pick the most suitable plan. 

Why Should You Choose Starlink Residential Use Only?

A Starlink Residential kit in a permanent home

A Starlink Residential kit in a permanent home

The Residential plan is Starlink’s most popular model. Starlink’s global subscriber base swelled to 2 million in 2023 from 1.5 million towards the end of 2022.

Residential subscribers account for most users, with other plans like Business, Aviation, and Maritime still gathering momentum. 

Here’s why you should pick Starlink Residential vs RV.

You Have a Fixed Address

Starlink Residential is the best plan for your primary needs if you have a fixed permanent address.

The residential kit for a permanent address has a standard 2nd generation square dish, a router, cables, and a default mount.

This starter kit guarantees a quick DIY setup that will have your internet up and running as soon as you install it. 

The residential setup gives you between 50 and 200 Mbps download speeds and 5-20 Mbps upload speeds.

Additionally, you enjoy relatively low latency between 20 and 40ms. The 20-40ms period is one of the best latency rates compared to similar satellite internet providers in the country. 

You Get Priority Service

As Starlink Internet’s default plan, Starlink Residential gets all the perks of good service.

Priority service means you always get the best available speeds at your fixed permanent residence. Services such as ROAM and Best Effort get lower speeds when there’s network congestion during peak hours. 

Starlink Residential subscribers get the best coverage since they get dedicated satellite coverage in their cell. That way, they don’t experience capped speeds, throttled, or deteriorated service during busy hours.

Furthermore, Residential users get more uptime if there’s a change of satellites in low-earth orbit. 

You Only Want Partial Portability

If you have a Starlink Residential plan, you can move your equipment to another area without signing up for a different plan.

However, you can stay in the new location for only two billing cycles without updating your address. After two billing cycles, you must change the address or risk cancelation of your Residential plan.

Partial portability is great for temporary moves. It could be due to leisure travel, business purposes, or just a change of scenery. 

The best part is that you maintain the same speeds and latency with only a $25 increase in subscription cost. 

Here’s a tip. 

Check the availability of the new area before you take your residential kit there. Some sections are yet to be covered by Starlink. Your kit won’t work well in waitlist areas. 

If You Want To Transfer The Service

Starlink Residential Transfer is a unique feature of the Residential plan. 

It is applicable where another user would love to get Starlink but can’t get the kit just yet due to availability issues

You only need to give the new user the kit and update key details in the Starlink account. You must provide the new user’s name, billing information, and residence. Furthermore, Starlink must authorize the transfer.

These are the conditions you must fulfill to complete the transfer. 

  • The account must be arrear-free and cleared of any outstanding payments. Also, you cannot transfer the service if it has any pending queries. 
  • The new owner must be in a location with Starlink availability. 
  • You must produce a sales agreement if the account exchanges hands as a sale. Otherwise, you must state if you are transferring it as a gift.
  • Starlink has the final say on if the new user gets the account. 

You Want Consistent Higher Speeds and Low Latency

Starlink Residential has an edge over RV in speed and latency. 

Unlike Starlink RV, which only gives you 5-50 Mbps download, 2-10 Mbps upload speed, and about 99ms latency, the residential plan gives you 20-200 Mbps download, 10-20 Mbps upload, and 20-40ms latency. 

Starlink Residential offers streamers, gamers, and heavy users the best stats for smooth, minimal lag performance. 

Advantages of Starlink RV vs. Residential

A traveler using Starlink internet at a campsite 

A traveler using Starlink internet at a campsite 

Despite all the good things about reliable Starlink Residential, Starlink RV has its upsides. It has lower speeds, longer latency, and less reliability on the move. Still, check out these great reasons to subscribe to Starlink RV vs. Residential. 

You can Pause the Service.

Starlink’s Pause service is a nifty feature you can use to stop using Starlink and save costs temporarily. 

This service is not available for Starlink Residential subscribers. Residential users must cancel service if they want to stop using Starlink Internet. 

A flexible feature such as Starlink RV allows you to suspend usage and only activate it during periods you’re on the road. 

There’s No Waitlist

The Starlink waitlist is a group of subscribers who have paid for Starlink Residential and are waiting for the priority service to become available in their area. 

Unlike Starlink Residential, Starlink RV does not have a waitlist. You get the service as soon as you apply for it. You only need to wait for the kit to ship from Starlink. 

Hint: Use Starlink RV as a stop-gap measure if you need internet coverage and don’t want to be on a waitlist. 

Wider Availability

Starlink Internet in a remote area 

Starlink Internet in a remote area 

Since Starlink RV is developed for the constant traveler, it is the best plan for users constantly on the move. 

It’s best if you are in a large area with broader coverage. Otherwise, Starlink RV doesn’t work in an area without coverage. 

Can I Switch Residential to Starlink RV?

You can simply switch your residential Starlink plan to Starlink RV from the Starlink website. Here’s how.

  1. Sign in to the Starlink website.
  2. Click My Account and process to the Dashboard.
  3. Click the Manage Button right next to where it shows your residential plan is active.
  4. Click ‘Change Service Plan’
  5. Select the new service plan (Starlink ROAM). These are the four Starlink ROAM options available. 
Starlink RV planSpeedCost of plan and equipmentCoverage + Ideal Subscriber
Starlink Regional ROAM with Portable Equipment5–50 Mbps (Unlimited)$150/monthly + $599 equipmentU.S coverage. For travelers who install and uninstall their equipment on the road.
Starlink Regional ROAM with in-motion equipment5–50 Mbps(Unlimited)$150/monthly + $2500 equipmentU.S coverage. For travelers that want constant connection anywhere as they travel.
Starlink Roam Global5–50 Mbps(Unlimited)$200/monthly + $599 or 2500 equipmentU.S. and close region coverage. For travelers that travel outside the U.S.
Starlink Mobile PriorityUp to 200 Mbps(unlimited standard data and 50GB priority data$250–$5,000/monthly + $2,500.00 equipmentGlobal coverage. 

Is Starlink RV the Same As Regular Starlink?

Residential Starlink vs Starlink RV are not the same. Regular Starlink ALWAYS has prioritized service, unlike Starlink RV. Also, You need a permanent address to qualify for regular Starlink. 

Additionally, regular Starlink has faster speeds, lower latency, and costs less. 

However, Starlink RV has no waitlist, and you can pause the service. 

Conclusion: Can You Get Starlink and Starlink RV?

Starlink Residential and Starlink have glaring differences. Each one is tailor-made with a specific subscriber in mind.

We recommend you settle on the most efficient plan for your immediate and long-term needs. Starlink Residential is the most preferable for the fastest speed and low latency.

However, Starlink RV is better for avid travelers who love exploring. 

Learn more about how to find Starlink around your area.