Starlink New Zealand: Availability, Performance, and the Cost

Are you planning to become a Starlink New Zealand subscriber? Starlink is one of the fastest satellite internet connections. 

The service mostly targets rural internet coverage in places where cable infrastructure can’t access. 

New Zealand is one of the most connected countries, with up to 94% having access to the internet. 

However, some rural parts of this country need proper internet connections. Starlink is capable of bridging this gap. 

This guide will address Starlink’s availability in New Zealand, performance, and the expected cost. 

Is Starlink Availability in New Zealand?

Starlink is now available throughout New Zealand. Residences of Auckland have reported spotting a string of about 30 lights of Elon Musk’s satellites traveling in unison in the sky. 

Starlink availability map also indicates the company offers internet coverage throughout the country. 

You can order for it now and get the full service – no waitlist. 

Starlink availability in New Zealand

Starlink availability in New Zealand

Starlink Newzealand Performance

New Zealand’s biggest challenge is ensuring reliable internet connectivity in rural areas.

 Though only around 16% of the country is rural, there has been a constant effort by the government to ensure a stable internet connection.

Even before Starlink, several other wireless internet providers received a node to help with internet connection in rural areas. 

Lightwire Limited, introduced in 2016, remains the largest satellite internet provider in the country. 

Other wireless services in rural areas of New Zealand include Unifone, Bluedoor, Connecta, WIZwireless and Gravity satellites. 

Therefore, the competition is very high, and a service must be performed to stay in the game. So, how does Starlink perform in the country? 

Starlink New Zealand Latency

Starlink’s main selling point in the country is its latency. As you may all know, Starlink satellite constellations are in low earth orbit (about 350 miles from the Earth’s surface). 

Because of their proximity to the Earth’s surface, satellites in low Earth orbit ensure lower latency in communication compared to geostationary satellites. 

Starlink promises latencies in the range of 20 ms – 40 ms, which is not far from what you practically get in New Zealand. 

Some users from the country have confirmed getting around 36-70 ping in games. With this, you don’t expect lags while enjoying your favorite game. 

Starlink New Zealand Speed

While other internet services will not tell you about their speed, Starlink is very transparent about what to expect from them. 

The company rates its download speed between 100 Mbps and 300 Mbps for residential users, while the upload speed ranges between 10 Mbps and 50 Mbps. 

A New Zealand resident from Motueka confessed on Reddit that he was getting a very stable 150 Mbps download speed on his PC and up to 270 Mbps on his phone. 

However, you can only achieve this with a good Starlink placement. Some residential users have reported a drop in speed to as low as 30-50 Mbps.

 If you are getting something much lower than expected, just make adjustments and see if it improves. 

Starlink New Zealand Cost

The cost of Starlink varies from country to country. Even within a country like New Zealand, the cost may vary depending on location. 

However, New Zealand is generally one of the countries where Starlink is more affordable

The service can cost between NZ $199 and NZ $749 one time fee for the hardware. 

Those who live in rural areas can get a discount of up to 70% and pay only NZ $199 for the hardware. 

SpaceX designed Starlink for DIY installation; therefore, you don’t have to worry about installation costs. 

However, there are some accessories you may need for installation purposes. These may include a wall mount (J-mount) that costs around NZ $105 and an Ethernet adapter at NZ $65. 

After installation, you pay your monthly subscription fee to get the service. 

The Standard Starlink kit comes at NZ $ 159 per month. There are three plans for business users, including priority 1TB, 2TB, and 6 TB. 

The plans cost from NZ $426/Mo – NZ $2,507/Mo after a one-time NZ $4,000 hardware fee. 

Lastly, there is always a shipping fee of around NZ $34, depending on your location. It only takes around 2 weeks to receive the Starlink. 

New Zealand Starlink Installers

Though Starlink is designed for DIY installation, the project is not for everyone. It only sounds easy when the developers describe it as pretty much plug and play installation. 

However, you should know there is mechanical mounting of the dish and running dish cable from outside to inside the house. 

You may need an installer if you are not a DIY enthusiast. 

Thankfully, there are several Starlink installers in New Zealand to help you with the project. WiFiMax is one of the most popular installers in the country.

 It offers installation services in Auckland, Waikato, Northland, and Christchurch. 

You can browse for Starlink installers near me if you want to get an installer easily. There is a long list of options; just search your area, and the installer within will appear. 

Starlink installer 

Starlink installer 

Starlink New Zealand FAQ

Is Starlink Available in New Zealand?

Yes, Starlink is now available throughout New Zealand. The service offers a faster speed and lower latency and is reliable even in rural areas. 

How Good is Starlink in New Zealand?

Compared to other satellite internet services already operating in New Zealand, Starlink has massively increased internet connection speed in rural areas.

 Some residents have confessed to getting up to 150 Mbps download speed. 

Is Starlink Better than Fiber in New Zealand? 

Starlink is a top satellite internet service with a reliable faster internet connection. 

However, what you get as an average speed can only be a fifth of what fiber internet will offer you. 

Besides, Starlink’s upfront cost on the hardware makes it more expensive than fiber. 

Final Thought

Starlink is now one of the best internet services in New Zealand. It is a great option if you currently reside in the rural parts of the country and want a service that will offer reliable internet speed and low latency.

Besides, Starlink Rural NZ is only $199 a month for rural dwellers, making it one of the cheapest countries for this service. 

However, most New Zealand urban areas can access cabled internet connections such as fiber. 

If you can access fiber internet, switching to Starlink is unnecessary. Fiber internet is faster and more affordable.