Starlink France: Availability, Benefits, and How to Get it

After some initial resistance all around, Starlink France is up and running. 

Rural France has Starlink coverage at global median speeds. With speeds of up to 100 Mbps DL and upload speeds of about 16 Mbps, you can get Starlink in France for just below €50($60). 

Furthermore, you can get the traveler plan for about €102($110) per month to access Starlink on the road in France. 

Find out more about the hiccups, progress, and benefits of Starlink in France. 

Starlink Is Available In France

Space X launched Starlink satellite internet service in France in May 2021. A month before that, in April, Starlink encountered headwinds with its plans to launch when France’s highest administrative court revoked the service’s frequency authorizations. 

The Conseil d’Etat cited the lack of public consultation as the reason for the revocation. However, the regulatory authority, Arcep, reviewed Starlink’s request and granted them the green light to proceed. 

The authority said it had reviewed Starlink Internet’s benefits in target areas and saw the service would benefit rural customers who were not getting internet coverage from fiber optic ISPs

Starlink’s entry into France sees an expansion of the service into the global market. It already has solid cover in Europe with 17 ground stations. Only one of those ground stations is in France, in Villenave-d’Ornon, Gironde. Starlink plans to build two more ground stations to improve internet infrastructure in the country. 

Ground station location in France

Ground station location in France

Starlink is Cheaper in France 

France has favorable rates for Starlink internet access. The company dropped prices, most likely to gain traction in the region. 

Initially, Starlink cost €99($105). However, they dropped the monthly fee to €50($53) as of August 2023. 

Also, the price for Starlink equipment is cheaper than the American average. It costs €480($513) for the Starlink residential kit. 

Starlink offers three tiers in the Standard package. 

You can get the best-priced Standard Residential at €99($105). Alternatively, you could choose faster and better packages at €149($159) and €199($212) per month, respectively.

 Yes, the premium Best package guarantees faster speeds at 300 Mbps. 

The portable Starlink service costs €100 monthly. You can get this package (Starlink RV) if you are an avid traveler in France. However, you might pay a $599 equipment fee for it.

Starlink France Speeds

We’ve established Starlink Residential has three price tiers. However, each tier comes with increasingly faster speeds. 

The Standard package offers 50Mbps download speeds and about 25 Mbps upload speeds. 

The Better package will give you about 150 Mbps and 25 Mbps upload speeds. The best tier is the 300 Mbps and 50 Mbps package.  

Speeds for Starlink RV in France range between 50 and 150 Mbps. Furthermore, business enterprises can also enjoy Starlink services in France. 

Space X announced Starlink Business was available in France around September 2022. The plan targets companies with a 10-20-user capacity. Here, we’re talking small to medium-sized offices. 

Starlink Business in France offers speeds of up to 350 Mbps, a slight difference from the up to 500 Mbps speeds in the U.S. 

You can expect to pay a $500 deposit, a $500 monthly fee, and a $2,500 hardware cost. The hardware cost, however, entitles you to a faster kit. 

The Business tier antenna handles more bandwidth and is bigger than the regular Stardard Residential kit. 

Starlink Latency in France

Free, a French ISP offers arguably the best latency rates in France. Free subscribers get as much as 20.16 ms from the fixed internet provider. 

Orange France offers 21.02 ms while SFR offers 25.20 ms. 

However, Starlink might provide better latency than Free in areas where Free doesn’t cover. 

Starlink advertises latency rates between 20 and 40 ms, depending on a few factors. Real-time users suggest getting latency rates as low as 19ms in France. 

Ookla puts median fixed broadband latency rates at 10ms. 

How to Get Starlink In France

Check for Starlink Availability

Yes, Starlink is available in France. However, it might not be nationwide. Therefore, proceed to the Starlink website and enter your residential address. 

The website will let you know if your area is covered.
Also, you can check a coverage map beforehand to know where you will most likely get Starlink service. 

Sign Up

Create an account on the Starlink website. Input your billing details. Your account will also host your usage tracker and more Starlink services. 

Use your phone number to sign up. Starlink customer support might need to reach you when you require assistance with the account or service. 

Pick a Plan

We recommend the Residential plan if you are a home user. However, you can also get the Business plan if you run a business that needs faster internet and priority service. Confirm your order.

Wait For The Kit

You’ll be asked to make the payment. The website offers an easy-to-follow onscreen guide. 

Once you complete the process, you should get an email from Support with a tentative time to receive your package. Stay patient during that time. 

Buy The Necessary Accessories

Once you receive your equipment, you can check your surroundings to know the best place to set up. 

The kit comes with a default tripod mount that is good enough if you live in an area with a clear sky view. 

Starlink dish and a default mount

Starlink dish and a default mount

Check the area for obstructions using the Starlink app. 

If you want to improve your line of sight and receive clearer signals, get a mount for the Starlink dish. Also, get an adapter. 


The Starlink setup is mostly DIY. You can do it without any professional help. Set up the dish, run an online speed test, and enjoy Starlink internet in France. 

Starlink France Benefits

The French government has welcomed Starlink’s entrance into the ISP space. Although it has a modest internet coverage, a large population of France remains without high-speed internet. 

France has about 25 million active internet subscribers. Also, a large chunk of the country is rural. 

Not only will Starlink provide internet in rural areas in France, but it might also become an important factor in boosting regional economies in rural areas. 

Farms, education centers, and healthcare facilities are core sectors that can gain massive improvement with better internet, especially in rural areas. 

The French government estimates Starlink could be a key factor in injecting over €2 billion into the French economy yearly. 

The government’s logic behind committing €500 million in support of Starlink is that the project could support up to 10,000 jobs in various sectors, including telemedicine. 

Starlink France Vs. Competitors

Fiber optic internet infrastructure 

Fiber optic internet infrastructure 

Starlink’s entry into France will face stiff competition from established companies and developing ISPs.
Other than FTTH service providers such as Orange and Free, Starlink’s biggest competitor might be Nordnet’s Neosat. 

Nordnet is under Orange. It will likely be a huge competitor to Starlink because of its €39.90 monthly fee and €299 hardware cost. 

Amazon is also on course to launch its satellite internet service, Project Kuiper, between 2023 and 2026. 

Viasat and Skylogic France have already tried to stop Starlink from deploying its service in France. 

However, the deployment appeal failed. The two providers incurred a €2,000 fee to pay Starlink as damages. 

Also, Starlink has had to halt building two ground stations in two locations as locals disagree about the positioning of the stations. 


Starlink is available and reliable in France. It offers competitive speeds and low latency compared to similar providers in the country. 

The French government has thrown its weight behind Starlink, hoping it will help create value for homes and businesses in the rural French countryside. 

Find out if Stralink is available in your area in France and sign up.