Starlink Ethernet Adapter: Everything You Need to Know

About Starlink Ethernet Adapter: You can improve your Starlink WiFi coverage and performance by getting a Starlink Ethernet adapter. 

You don’t want to leave your Starlink performance to chance. Everyone is looking to get the best out of their Starlink service. 

If that describes you, you must use this adapter to help you whenever you want a wired connection.

 Read this piece to learn how it works, where to purchase it, and more. 

What is the SpaceX Starlink Ethernet Adapter? 

An ethernet adapter is a piece of hardware that enables you to access an Ethernet cable connection. 

Starlink Ethernet adapter is not different except that it is designed explicitly for Starlink. It is a device added to the latest version (the rectangular 2nd Gen.) Starlink dish. 

It is a WiFi extender that you can use to switch from a WiFi to a wired connection. 

Starlink eliminated ports from their second-generation router due to the high cost of production involved. 

To improve Starlink router functionality, an Ethernet adapter is one of the devices you’ll need. 

Thankfully, Starlink offers it at an affordable price and is very straightforward to set up. 

A USB connected to an Ethernet adapter

A USB connected to an Ethernet adapter

How Does Starlink Adapter Work?

You connect the adapter to the Starink WiFi router and then to the Starlink dish. 

The adapter works by transforming electrical signals sent from the dish into a format that the devices you connect can understand, which is digital signals. 

The adapter can boost your Starlink WiFi reliability and help you extend your home WiFi coverage. 

Your Starlink router only offers around 200 square feet of WiFi coverage. 

How to Order Starlink Ethernet Adapter

A Starlink adapter is a proprietary device you cannot find the after-market version of.

 Starlink only offers it in their shops. Of late, the company authorized some retailers, such as Amazon and eBay, to sell it. 

The ordering process from the Starlink shop via the Starlink app is simple. Once you have the Starlink app on your Smartphone, proceed as follows.

  • Open the app, then go to your account.
  • Once you see the “View Shop”  button, click it to open the shop on a browser.  
  • Scroll down the accessories until you find the “Ethernet Adapter. 
  • Make an order from the Starlink shop.

If you are in the US, it can take a few days to two weeks to receive the adapter. 

How Much Does Starlink Adapter Cost

Starlink Accessories usually have their prices indicated on the website. As of the time of this writing, the adapter is $25 on the official website

However, Starlink reviews the prices of their products, including the accessories often. 

Authorized retailers such as Amazon mark it at a little higher price than what you get from the Starlink shop. However, they tend to ship their products faster. 

How to Connect Starlink Ethernet Adapter

Connecting Starlink Ethernet adapter is a simple DIY process you can complete in a few minutes. 

Your Starlink router has two ports at the bottom. One port is for antenna cable attachment, while the other is for the power cable.

Carefully disconnect the power cord from the Starlink router. Then plug off the cable connecting to the Starlink dish as well. 

Connect the Ethernet adapter cable to the port where you removed the dish cable. Insert the cable from the Ethernet adapter into the router’s antenna port.

 It has similar connectors, so there is no need to bother yourself with the incompatibility. Push it until it clicks to ensure it is firmly secured. 

Connect the cable coming from the dish to the adapter port. The adapter has a similar port as the router for the dish cable. Push it carefully until you hear a click. 

The system should power on once you plug back the power cord and automatically start to search for a signal. Give the system some time to establish a more stable connection. 

The adapter offers an Ethernet port to plug an Ethernet cable and connect your devices. Cable connections guarantee better internet speed and reliability. 

A man connecting a rectangular Starlink dish for a fast internet connection

A man connecting a rectangular Starlink dish for a fast internet connection

The Starlink Ethernet Adapter Not Working

If you follow our procedure correctly, your Stralink Ethernet adapter should work. However, that might not be the case sometimes. 

Your Starlink Ethernet adapter may fail to work due to incorrect cable connections, internet connection problems, or you have a faulty adapter. 

Plugging off all the cables you connected and then plugging them back in can solve your adapter failure issue. 

This time, plug them back carefully, ensuring all the connectors click tightly. Any loose connection may result in the adapter failing to work. 

Another way is to reset the Starlink system to make everything work. Resetting will help you resolve internet connection problems. 

This solution comes as the second option after checking and reconnecting the cables. 

If none of them work, the problem could be a defective adapter. You should use another adapter to test; if it does work, then there is a problem with the first adapter.

 The company offers 30 30-day testing period within which, if you are not satisfied, you can return and have it replaced. 

Starlink Ethernet Adapter Alternatives

We always recommend you strive to find the original Starlink adapter to eliminate compatibility doubts. 

There are two good alternatives that you can try in case you can’t find the Starlink adapter. 

  • Bros Trend AC1200 WiFi Ethernet Adapter is always the best second option to the Starlink adapter as it can still offer a faster internet speed without depending on a Starlink connection. 
  • Starlink Ethernet Adapter for Wired External Network is our third-best option. 

The Clincher 

Although Starlink eliminated the Ethernet port option from their second-generation dish routers, the company replaced it with a proprietary adapter. 

You will need this device whenever you want to use a hardwired Ethernet connection with your 2nd Gen. dish router.