Starlink Colorado: Availability, Performance and Reliability

Should you become a Starlink Colorado subscriber? With 73% of its landmass being rural, many are curious as to the performance and availability of Starlink in Colorado. While some counties, such as Denver, may have access to Cable, others find that they must rely on wireless alternatives.

Starlink is one of the fastest dedicated satellite-based internet service providers. However, when it comes to speed and reliability, satellite internet hasn’t had a good record in those departments. 

Thanks to its Low-Earth Orbit Satellites, Starlink is a bit different. Should Coloradons give Starlink a try, or avoid it completely? This guide hopes to answer these questions.

Starlink Availability Colorado

Starlink has coverage throughout the state of Colorado. In fact, numerous residents of the state have captured footage of Starlink’s bright satellites.

Because they’re LEO satellites, they can be easily spotted in Colorado’s pollution-free skies. There have even been social media groups dedicated to observing Starlink’s Colorado satellites.

Starlink Satellite Streaking Through a Starry Night Sky

Starlink Satellite Streaking Through a Starry Night Sky

According to Starlink’s official availability map, all areas in the state of Colorado are covered – no wait-list necessary. It seems the entirety of Colorado State is a high-capacity area and thus, residents may pay lower fees than other areas.

Nevertheless, orders are open and SpaceX ships to Colorado.

Colorado Starlink Installers           

While the Starlink residential kit is easy enough to install and mount yourself, there are several professional installers available for Coloradans.

Those who plan to use Starlink’s Business package may find this to be useful information. Nevertheless, some of the most reliable Starlink installers in Colorado (and their locations) include:

Please note: some of the vendors and service providers listed above aren’t dedicated installers. However, they may provide Starlink installation as one of their services.

Moreover, some do not have dedicated websites. Nevertheless, we’ve included links to their social media pages instead.

Starlink Installer

Starlink Installer

Starlink Colorado: Performance

Since Colorado has such high Starlink coverage and availability, it tends to perform well. Starlink Colorado subscribers can expect average download speeds between 60 and 90 Mbps and upload speeds that can reach as much as 20 Mbps. 

However, these speeds aren’t consistent across the board. They are highly contingent on which county or city you reside. Fortunately, Colorado is mostly dry and doesn’t experience much bad weather which can interrupt Starlink’s services.

However, even with clear skies, Starlink’s speeds are prone to sudden drops. While they utilize a LEO constellation, they’re still susceptible to various forms of interference. 

Checking Internet Speed

Checking Internet Speed

Some Colorado residents have reported their download speeds dropping to 25 Mbps (with upload speeds of 6 Mbps). While others, especially those in more rural parts like the west side of Divide, have reported speeds approaching 200 Mbps. 

These subscribers experience average download speeds between 100 and 150 Mbps. Numerous factors may affect your speed. For instance, peak usage hours can cause heavy network traffic and slow it down for all subscribers in a designated area.

It may not even be a Starlink issue. You may have connected too many devices to your Starlink router. 

Regardless, Starlink seems to perform exceptionally well in Colorado. You should still be able to stream high-definition videos and play games online during peak hours.   

Starlink Colorado: Conclusion

So should you become a Starlink Colorado subscriber? The state of Colorado and its various counties seems like a prime area for Starlink.

It has full Starlink satellite coverage, has a reputation for good weather, and has plenty of Starlink installers. Now, it’s a question of price

The Starlink residential kit costs $599.99 and its monthly subscription can cost you as much as $120 per month. Not many Coloradans can afford this. But for those who can, it seems to be a good investment.