Starlink Alabama: The Coverage and Everything You Need to Know

We’ve got you covered if you want to know about Starlink Alabama coverage. Maybe you live in the state. 

Or you are a Starlink customer looking to travel and enjoy the plethora of breathtaking scenes in the state. 

Starlink has emerged as a leading satellite internet provider in speed and stable internet access.

 Therefore, many potential customers worldwide are constantly seeking to know if it is available within their locality. 

Fortunately, the service is fast spreading and covers more than 80% of the US.

 However, some parts of the country are still on the Starlink waiting list

Is Starlink Available in Alabama?

The Starlink beta test was done in the Northern U.S. states near the Canadian border. That said, the Northern parts are the first to receive this service. 

However, the company has spread its services to the southern parts of the country where Alabama is located. 

As confirmed by many Starlink users living in Alabama, Starlink is available in most parts of the state. 

With the knowledge of how difficult it is to find a stable internet connection in your area, Starlink coverage in Alabama can be great news. 

You can now enjoy stable internet coverage in most parts of the state in the comfort of your home, thanks to Starlink’s internet network service. 

The main target of Starlink’s internet service is to offer stable internet coverage in remote areas. 

That said, even if you live in Alabama’s most remote, isolated spots, you will surely get good internet service. 

The few areas within the state where you can’t access the service are on the waitlist. 

This means you can pre-order the service and wait until the company notifies you of its availability in your area. 

How to Find Out If Starlink is Available in Alabama 

The fastest way to determine if Starlink is available in your area is to enter your address on the company website. 

On clicking the order button, you will receive either of the following prompts:

  • Starlink is currently available in your area!
  • Order now to reserve your Starlink.

If Starlin is available, which is the case in most parts of the state, you can sign up for the service and order your equipment upfront.

 If the notification is to reserve, you can decide to do so and get included in the waitlist. 

Though making a pre-order is unnecessary, it has its benefits. 

You will receive an update email about the service and get notified immediately when the service reaches your area. 

How to Order Starlink Internet Service in Alabama

Now that you have confirmed Starlink is available in the part of Alabama you live in, the next big step is to make an order and start enjoying a stable internet service.

 It is always easy to order Starlink internet service. 

Create Account

After confirming Starlink is available in your area, place an order, then check your email. 

The confirmation email comes with an email address, which will be your username. 

And it also offers instructions on how to create your password.

 Ensure you create a strong password, and your account will be active immediately. 

Choose Your Perfect Plan

Starlink offers several plans specifically designed for residential, RVs, business, Marine, or aviation use. 

Choose the plan depending on where you want to use your Starlink internet service. 

Wait for Your Starlink Kit

It will take around 2-4 weeks for your Starlink kit to get to you in Alabama. This delay is a result of increased demand. 

In addition to the hardware cost, which is $599-$2,500 depending on your chosen package, you will also incur $50 shipping charges. 

The kit comes with a Starlink dish, a mounting base, a router, a 75 ft Starlink cable, and a shorter power cable. 

Confirm the content and ensure all the equipment is in perfect condition. 

Starlink internet rectangular dish placed on the pavement 

Starlink internet rectangular dish placed on the pavement 

Install Your Starlink Kit

SpaceX does not send the Starlink kits with a professional installer but instead includes a manual with installation instructions. 

Therefore, you either do the installation yourself or hire someone in your capacity. 

Unlike other services such as Hughesnet, the company designs Starlink for DIY installation, and you don’t have to be an expert to handle the project. 

While Starlink installation may seem easy, it also comes with some intricacies. 

For instance, there is a specific area where you should mount the dish, a specific direction to which it should point, and such related details. 

Mark you, without being keen on such details, you may fail to receive a proper internet service or, in the worst case scenario, no signal. 

This explains why you may need the help of a professional Starlink installer. 

A man installing Starlink dish for fast internet connection

A man installing Starlink dish for fast internet connection

Starlink Installation Help in Alabama Near Me

The best place to start your search for a Starlink installer near you in Alabama is online. 

Companies or individual professionals usually advertise their services online, especially on social media platforms. 

There must be many of them in Alabama now, and you will be able to pick the closest to you. 

Starlink Alabama – FAQ

When will Starlink Be Available in Alabama?

Starlink is already available in Alabama. However, some parts were still on the waitlist at the time of this writing.

 Starlink is constantly improving its internet coverage and will soon cover every part of the US. 

What is the Speed of Starlink Internet Service in Alabama?

Most residential Starlink users in Alabama report internet speeds between 25 Mbps and 100 Mbps, depending on the location. 

This means most people may experience a much lower speed compared to the 220 Mps advertised by the company. 

However, the speeds reported are still great for a satellite internet service

How Much is Starlink in Alabama?

Starlink cost may vary depending on the package you order and, to some extent, your location. 

The residential and RV packages will cost you $599 for equipment, then a monthly fee of $110 and $135, respectively.

 Business and Marine package kits come at $2,500, followed by monthly charges between $250 and $2,500. 

Can I Get Starlink RV Service in Alabama?

Unlike other packages that may still be lacking in some parts of the US, you can access Starlink RV in every part of North America.

 If you plan to spend your holiday in Alabama Golf Hangout Shores, Oak Mountain State Park, or any of the nice places in the state, you are guaranteed a stable internet connection for your RV. 

Connect to Alabama Starlink Internet Service

If you had any iota of doubt about Starlink availability in Alabama, you are now certain that you can access the service in nearly every part of the state. 

The good thing is that Starlink offers stable internet coverage even in the most remote areas. 

Visit the website, create an account, and make an order to start enjoying your internet experience with Starlink in Alabama.