Journey Through The Stars With Noah Clark: Unraveling The Mysteries of Starlink & The Future of Connectivity.

How to Transfer Starlink to New Owner: A Comprehensive Guide

Family enjoying streaming

How to Transfer Starlink to New Owner? If you are planning to stop with the services of Starlink for whatever reason, the most important question you may ask is how to transfer Starlink to a new owner. This wasn’t possible until February 2023, when the company enabled self-service transfers.  You initiate the process by contacting …

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Hidden Car GPS: How to Spot it

Gps Global Positioning System Tracking Map

About Hidden Car GPS,  Did you know that someone can track you with a hidden car GPS? It’s unfortunate, but the technology you use to make your life easier can be appropriated by bad actors for malignant purposes. We tend to underestimate the impact and importance of GPS technology in our lives. We use it …

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Does Humidity Affect WiFi? Easy Solutions To Counter Humidity

Signs of high humidity

Does humidity affect WiFi is not your typical everyday dinner table conversation starter. However, you may have noticed your WiFi becomes sluggish when humidity levels rise. We’re going to help you do something about it.  It’s simple: high humidity will affect WiFi quality. The moisture content in the air affects the signals traveling in the …

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Starlight Internet: What is It?

Business Man Using Smart Mobile Device

About Starlight Internet, It’s very easy to confuse SpaceX’s Starlink with Starlight Internet. They have slightly similar names and they both offer internet services. In fact, they are so similar that search engines like Google try to correct it to Starlink if you enter Starlight Internet into the search bar. However, make no mistake. Starlight …

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Eero Light Meaning: How to Fix Eero Issues

A WiFi router indicating red light

Understanding the Eero light meaning can help you identify potential problems with your device, troubleshoot the issue and ensure the system is running effectively. The device communicates by displaying flashing or solid color light, each of which has a specific meaning.  When working normally, the LED status light should be solid white, and the device …

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Features Of 5G: Vital Technologies That Power 5G

5g concepts

The features of 5G currently have the tech world excited about the next frontier of cellular communication. This next step after 4G is increasing speed, performance, and efficiency on enabled devices.  While the benefits of 5G may be obvious, its features, such as faster MIMO, amplified beamforming, URLLC, and high-density support, power its fast adoption …

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Starlink Colorado: Availability, Performance and Reliability

Colorado Welcome Sign

Should you become a Starlink Colorado subscriber? With 73% of its landmass being rural, many are curious as to the performance and availability of Starlink in Colorado. While some counties, such as Denver, may have access to Cable, others find that they must rely on wireless alternatives. Starlink is one of the fastest dedicated satellite-based …

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Starlink Firmware Update: A Comprehensive Guide

Firmware Illustration

As with most modern hardware, your Starlink router will require official Starlink firmware updates from time to time.  These updates feature security patches, new features and enhancements, etc.  For instance, they may sometimes change how the Starlink router lights behave. Regardless, these firmware updates are extremely important.  Starlink’s current software and hardware do not allow …

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