Is Subaru Starlink the Same as SpaceX Starlink: Learn the Difference

Maybe out of curiosity, you have bothered someone with the  question, “Is Subaru Starlink the same as SpaceX Starlink?”

 Many people confuse Subaru Starlink with SpaceX Starlink because of the similarity in names. 

Despite sharing the name “Starlink,” these two technologies are different in terms of features, functionality, or even purpose.  

What is Subaru Starlink? 

Subaru is an infotainment and interactive multimedia system with powerful safety, security, and remote features that make every mile with your Subaru fun. The technology utilizing AT&T’s cellular internet is similar to premium Tesla connectivity. 

It offers several features to help maintain the car, secure it, inform, alert, and entertain the driver, making driving the Subaru car fun. 

The service is available on some selected Subaru, from 2019. The latest models with the service pre-installed include Legacy, Crosstrek, WRX, Forester, and Ascent. 

How Does Subaru Starlink Work?

Car engine of Subaru

Starlink Subaru keeps you informed and entertained while traveling. It uses mobile internet based on carriers such as AT&T to allow access to navigations, podcasts, news updates, multimedia content, and music. 

Generally, Starlink Subaru comprises two separate services including:

  1. Starlink multimedia 
  2. Starlink Safety and Security

Subaru Starlink Multimedia

This is now the entertainment center through which you can connect your Subaru to music, news, and podcasts. 

You can also connect your phone to the system via apps like Pandora, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay. Subaru Starlink is also Bluetooth-capable.  

Apart from the app, multimedia supports voice commands. You can use this feature to accomplish a wide range of tasks.

You can also request the system to show you directions to your desired destination.

Starlink Subaru Safety and Security

Subaru Forester at beach camping under the night sky

Subaru Forester at beach camping under the night sky

The system is capable of keeping you, your passengers, and even the vehicle itself safe through the following features: 

Automatic Collision Notification

This service will notify Starlink customer care in case of certain issues with your car. 

For instance, in the case of a deployed airbag, the system will automatically contact a customer care advisor.

 The advisor can verify your needs and determine your location. 

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Starlink Subaru also offers roadside assistance services to help vehicle owners deal with medical emergencies and accidents.

 There are two buttons to use when contacting the support team for roadside help. The red SOS button on the kiosk will help you connect to the representatives no matter where you are.

 The second button is the blue one located just above the driver’s seat. 

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Starlink Subura can be handy when your vehicle is stolen. It can prevent someone else from driving your car by activating the engine immobilizer. 

Besides, the system works with security officers to help you recover your car. But you will have to file a police report first. 

It offers access to a Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation app, which the law enforcers can use to locate your car.

Diagnostic Allert

Another important functionality of this system is the diagnostic alert. It conducts a regular diagnostic check of different parts of your car and email you in case of any issue. 

The system also gives a monthly report on the maintenance of your vehicle. 

Remote Service

Subaru Starlink offers an app that can handle a wide array of tasks remotely. You can use it to start the engine, turn on the security alarm, and lock and unlock the car door. 

The app can also help you locate your vehicle in a crowded area. Through the app, you can sound your vehicle’s alarm and locate it. 

How Fast is Subaru Starlink?

Subaru Starlink uses the 4G cellular network, and therefore, you should expect it to support your internet activities effectively. 

Theoretically, a 4G LTE advanced network can offer up to 200 Mbps download speed and 150 Mbps upload speed. 

You may get a speed much lower than this in reality, but good enough for streaming and sending information, among other activities. 

What is the Cost of Subaru Starlink?

Subaru Starlink has two packages. The Subaru Safety Plus package costs $99 per year. If you purchase a Subaru with the service already installed, you get a year of free service. 

The Safety Plus package offers features such as SOS Emergency Assistance and Service Appointment Scheduler, among others. 

The second package is Starlink Security Plus, which will cost you around $149 per year. 

The Security Plus offers extra features, including Remote Engine Start, Boundary and Curfew Alert, Speed Alert, Climate Control, and more. 

What is SpaceX Starlink

SpaceX Starlink is a privately owned spacecraft company by Elon Musk. 

Founded in 2002, this internet service relies on a satellite constellation in low earth orbit to offer high-speed and reliable internet coverage. 

It focuses on offering a reliable global internet connection, with the main target being remote underserved areas. 

This is different from Subaru Starlink, which focuses on offering safety and entertainment in your car. 

Starlink is mostly popular among residential users. However, there is a Roam package that enables you to take this service to your car. 

It doesn’t matter what type of car as long as you can comfortably install the equipment on your vehicle. 

Once you subscribe to this service, you receive an equipment kit that contains a dish, base mont, router, 75-foot dish cable, and power cable.

The kit comes along with a manual that you will use during the installation because the company doesn’t send a professional installer. 

Starlink satellite orbiting the Earth

Starlink satellite orbiting the Earth

How Fast is SpaceX Starlink Internet Speed?

SpaceX Starlink promises to deliver a download speed of up to 220 Mbps for residential users. However, users report an average speed of 100 Mbps in the US and Mexico. 

The business package offers higher download speed, and the company advertises up to 500 Mbps. 

However, car owners should expect a download speed of between 5-50 Mbps, as that is what Roam Plan can offer. 

SpaceX Starlink Cost

SpaceX Starlink costs vary depending on the package you choose. The cheapest package is the residential, which can cost you $110 a month after purchasing the hardware at $599. 

The Roam Plan is a little higher at $130 per month, but the equipment cost remains the same. 

The Business Plan is way more expensive, right from the equipment to the monthly charges. You will have to pay a one-time fee of $2,500 for the equipment, followed by $500 monthly charges.

However, you get twice the antenna capability that the Residential Plan offers. 

How to Get Subaru Starlink and SpaceX Starlink

An antenna from Starlink

An antenna from Starlink

The latest Subaru models come with the equipment you will need for Starlink connection preinstalled. All you need to do is to get the Starlink into the Subaru.

 Go to their website,, and create an account. 

Then call the customer care team at (855) 753-2495 to help you activate the service. 

For SpaceX Starlink, visit and create an account. You will not be able to complete your Stralink order without creating an account. 

Final Thought

Subaru Starlink and SpaceX Starlink are totally different services with a different focus in the services. 

The former focuses on safety and infotainment, while Starlink for on reliable and high-speed internet coverage. We have clarified the difference and hope you will not confuse them again.