HughesNet Troubleshooting: Solutions That Will Fix Your Connectivity Problems

Are you struggling with terrible HughesNet service and unsure about HughesNet troubleshooting? We get it. Janky service, especially with HughesNet premium package, can drive you up the wall. You can fix that.

Powercycling or resetting your HughesNet modem and router can resolve most of your problems. Turn off your equipment for about 5 minutes.

Power it back on and give it two minutes to get a clear signal. Run a quick equipment wellness check. If all the cables are secure and you still have a problem, access the online HughesNet System Control Center.

Run a connectivity check to troubleshoot underlying problems. 

Let’s fix your HughesNet problems and get you back online. 

HughesNet Troubleshooting Questions Answered. 

Picture this scenario.

You’re online having the best experience using HughesNet satellite internet. You notice a problem that’s disrupting your online session. 

Here are a few questions that might help you troubleshoot most HughesNet problems. 

These are all technical factors. While some of them, such as outages and inadequate power, may be out of your hands, you can fix most problems yourself. 

How to Fix HughesNet Problems

Confirm If There’s An Outage.

Ask customer service about any outage

Ask customer service about any outage

Confirming whether there’s an outage is the first logical step to troubleshooting HughesNet problems. 

Outages could be satellite-related. However, you must check all your equipment to make sure the outage isn’t on your end. 

  • Ensure the power is on. 
  • The HughesNet dish is in place and not covered in any snow or bogged down by rain. 
  • Check your equipment and confirm it is still functional. 

You check an outage using Downdetector. The best part is that you don’t need to be connected to HughesNet. 

Use your phone service to go online and check the outage status on Downdetector.

Alternatively, you can contact HughesNet customer service at 866-347-3292. It should be available around the clock.

Reset Your HughesNet Integrated Modem

Press the reset button to powercycle

Press the reset button to powercycle

Unlike some ISPs, HughesNet provides an integrated modem and router device. That way, you only have one device, and less stuff to fix. 

Resetting your modem should be the first step to troubleshooting HughesNet internet problems. Here’s how. 

  1. Check the modem’s back panel. You’ll see a button near the right-most LAN port. 
  2. Push the button with something accessible(pen or pin). 
  3. Keep pushing until the modem flashes its lights.
  4. Leave the modem for five minutes.

When you turn the modem on again, it will have reverted to its original settings. 

It’s time to set it back up. 

The setup

  1. Go to your computer and key in in the URL slot. 
  2. Put in the last valid username and password. If you used the default username/password combination, you’ll find it at the back of the modem. 
  3. Perform a speed test. 
  4. Set up your devices as before.

Check Your Devices and Wiring

Broken and defective devices and wiring affect internet performance. In fact, you might encounter an error code 3.1.1 if you access during troubleshooting. 

Most times, the error code means your wiring is defective. 

Implement these fast fixes.

  1. Check if your modem is working and the lights are on.
  2. Check if any wires are broken.
  3. Check if all the connections are securely in place. 

You need to replace any defective wires and devices. Calling support will tell you the best places to get devices. You can also call professional technicians. 

Check Your Data Plan

Here’s a common problem. 

You are enjoying fast speeds and quick connectivity when you notice the speed has become unbearably slow. You keep getting timeouts. 

The problem might be your data allocation.

HughesNet advertises unlimited data. However, the fine print doesn’t tell you that you only have a certain amount of premium data to use at the advertised speed. 

If you exhaust your allocated premium data before the month is over, you will get throttled speed and slower service, usually below 1 Mbps.

Troubleshooting, in this case, is checking your HughesNet app and confirming whether you have exhausted your monthly premium data. 

Confirm your Pay Status

Here’s a surprise. 

Maybe your internet isn’t the problem. You may have forgotten to update your payment. 

It might be by mistake. For example, you have automatic monthly deductions towards your HughesNet subscription. But your card isn’t valid anymore.
Ensure your payment is automated and the account is active. 

Fortunately, you can also contact HughesNet customer care and talk to a live agent using the service number 888 347 3292 to check your billing history.

Confirm Your Dish Is Stable.

From the moment you mount your HughesNet satellite dish and it gives you a clear signal, you can expect a smooth user experience. That is if it stays in place.
Still, there’s plenty that can knock it off its original position.
Bad weather tops the list. Even if you mount the dish on the porch, regular heat changes can contribute to the dish’s directional imbalance.
Ensure your dish is facing its original direction. If you are unsure of the direction, orient the dish horizontally to face the nearest cell tower.

As a final check, tighten any loose screws on the dish mount. 

Update Your Hughesnet Firmware.

A HughesNet modem firmware update is automatic. However, it is prone to failing sometimes. 

In this case, your best troubleshooting option is to run diagnostics for the modem. 

  1. Access the HughesNet System Control Center. 
  2. Select the Connectivity test from the Diagnostic Utilities
  3. Click “Problem troubleshooting.” 

You’ll get notified when the diagnostic test brings up any firmware issues. 


  1. Open the Command center as Administrator (CMD – Run as Admin)
  2. Type /ipconfig
  3. Press Enter. 
  4. Copy the IPv4 address from the resulting list. 
  5. Enter the address into your browser. 
  6. Key in your logins.
  7. You can now scan any software updates and apply them.

How Do I Access the HughesNet System Control Center?

The  HughesNet System Control Center is a configuration center that allows you to manage router settings, secure your password, or change your SSID. It’s a critical element of HughesNet troubleshooting. 

It helps you monitor usage and get fast tech support.

  1. To access it, go to your browser and type Alternatively, enter
  2. Key in your zipcode or account logins. 
  3. Press submit to access the System Control Center dashboard.

However, ensure you are connected to HughesNet internet, not another ISP such as your phone service provider. 

Why Is Hughesnet Internet So Bad?

Typically, HughesNet internet works reasonably well. However, drops in performance are also common. 

It may be down to a few other causes other than the ones we mentioned above. These include:

  • Too many devices are connected to your network. 
  • Your VPN could be slowing your connection. 
  • Your router may not be in the best position. 
  • There may be an outage.

Yet, it only takes a little troubleshooting to get back online with better speeds. 

  1. Disconnect some devices from the network. This tip will free up some bandwidth and improve speeds for more speed-hungry devices and processes such as streaming. Also, you can disconnect some of the heavy data consumers. 
  2. Disconnect your VPN. Sure, it could reveal your IP address. However, it’s worth trying if you are not worried about exposing your location. Does HughesNet limit VPN usage? No, it doesn’t. Still, we recommend you either upgrade to a higher speed package or reduce the number of connected devices while using VPNs. 
  3. Relocate your router to a better location. An unblocked area at eye level close to the middle of a room is an excellent location for better reception. 

Contact HughesNet Customer Support

If your troubleshooting attempts don’t give you any favorable results, it is best to contact HughesNet Customer Support. 

The customer helpline has chat and ‘support articles’ options. For a non-urgent case, you can go through the customer FAQs or start a live chat.

However, calling the 866-482-1777 24/7 telephone line and speaking to a representative can resolve your issues.

Keep a record of every troubleshooting option you have explored before calling the helpline. It makes it easy to get faster help. 


You will encounter technical problems while using Hughesnet internet. However, periodic checks on your equipment, firmware, and devices can save you troubleshooting headaches. 

Keep track of all your fixes and call customer support if you can’t clear some stubborn errors.