How to Reset Eero: Fix Your Malfunctioning Wi-Fi System

If you own its Wi-Fi mesh system for your home or small business, it’s important to know how to reset Eero.

Wi-Fi Mesh systems are superior to Wi-Fi extenders for several reasons. However, this does not mean that these systems are completely infallible.

They can run into errors or malfunctions. This can occur due to a corrupt firmware update, misconfigurations or bugs from a bad bootup. Regardless of the issue, your first go-to for troubleshooting is resetting your Eero device.

The following guide will show you the various ways you can do this. Without further adieu…

Finding The Reset Button

As with most network and computing devices, you can either perform a hard or soft reset on your eero. Both types rely on the reset button. As such, you must first find where your device’s reset button is located. The following is a list of the most common eero devices and the location of their reset buttons:

eero (Gen 1)

When you turn your Eero Gen 1 Wi-Fi router around, you’ll notice a collection of ports and inputs.

The reset button is the first widget from the left side of the router. It’s a small black button that sits next to the 12v Power Adaptor input.

eero Pro

The Eero Pro’s button is a lot easier to find than the Gen 1’s. Once again, you can find it on the back of the unit, on the right side of the WAN/LAN Gigabit Ethernet Ports. It’s a small rectangular button.

eero Beacon

You can also reset your Eero Beacon. The reset button is on the right side of your front-facing Beacon.

eero (Gen 2)

You can find the Eero Gen 2’s reset button underneath it. It’s a rounded-corner rectangular-shaped button which you can find just beneath the barcode.

You can also find the reset buttons for the Eero 6, Eero Pro 6, eero Pro 6E, and Eero 6+ in similar positions (respectively).

eero PoE 6

The eero PoE 6 tends to be slightly larger than the previous devices on the list, which makes it slightly harder to locate the reset button.

Nevertheless, you can find it underneath the unit. It should be on the right-hand side, just below the “eero” logo.

eero PoE Gateway

Because the eero PoE Gateway is a completely black decoder-like unit, finding the reset button can be a bit trickier. It doesn’t help that it’s almost pin-sized.

Nevertheless, users can find the reset button on the right of the USB-C power adapter port just below the LED indicator.

Ring Alarm Pro

The Ring Alarm Pro’s collection of ports and inputs can be found behind it, just beneath its vents.

Once again, the reset button is the smallest of the bunch. It can be found on the far right, between the pairing button and the Wi-Fi indicator.

Frustrated Young Man Due Weak Internet

Frustrated Young Man Due to Weak Internet

Power Cycling Your Eero Device

Before performing a hard or soft reset, you should consider power cycling your device. This will not erase any of your settings, and it’s also technically much easier to perform than a reset. 

To power cycle your Eero device, simply unplug it from its power source and wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in. 

Next, test the device to see if it’s still malfunctioning or performing sub-optimally. If it’s still giving you issues, you can perform the next steps in this guide. 

Soft Resetting Your Eero Device

Soft resetting your eero essentially works like a reboot but with one caveat. It will set all your network configurations back to their default settings.

However, all your other settings and data will remain the same. 

For instance, the soft reset will preserve the settings for port forwarding and DHCP IP reservations

Another advantage of the soft reset is that it won’t disconnect you from the network.

As such, you won’t have to unplug or disconnect your network devices and individually reconnect once the soft reset is complete.

Man Pressing Power Button On Wifi

Man Pressing Power Button On Wifi

The soft reset will refresh your device. This in turn, may improve its performance and clear any bugs.  

To perform a soft reset, do the following:   

  • Make sure that your Eero device is still connected and powered on.
  • Locate the reset button (see previous section)
  • Press and hold it until the device’s LED indicator displays a yellow pulsation (flashes yellow)
  • Release the reset button.
  • Wait till the LED displays a solid white light – this should take between 5 and 10 minutes.

You can also verify that the Eero device completed the soft reset successfully by consulting the Eero app. Its status bar should be white and outlined in green. This signifies a successful reset.

However, if the LED remains flashing yellow after 10 minutes, don’t panic. You’ll have to perform a hard reset.

Hand Screwdriver Pressing Reset Button Router

Hand Screwdriver Pressing Reset Button Router

Hard Resetting Your Eero Device

A hard reset will restore all settings to their default factory state. It is essentially a factory reset. This means your network configurations, IP settings, and other data will be wiped out.

Moreover, if your device is a router a hard reset will completely kill your network until you re-configure it. The hard reset will delete any firmware updates and corrupt data.

This will fix errors as well as refresh the performance. To perform a hard reset, do the following:

  • Ensure that the device is powered on and connected to the network
  • Find the reset button
  • Press and hold it until the LED indicator begins to flash red – this should take at least 15 seconds
  • Release the button and wait till the LED indicator starts flashing blue

The LED status light flashes red to indicate that the Eero device is now performing a hard reset. The reset should take roughly five minutes to complete. Once complete, it will begin to flash blue. 

How to Reset Eero: Conclusion

The above guide explores how to reset Eero. Amazon continues to produce products that make it easier for people to use the internet.

For instance, there’s Project Kuiper which the company has slated to go up against Starlink by the year 2029. 

Unfortunately, Amazon has yet to produce a network device that is completely free from faults.

That’s just the nature of the beast. Fortunately, you should be able to perform a bit of troubleshooting yourself by resetting your Eero. 

If the above steps do not work for you, we suggest returning your device or hiring a professional to look at it for you.