How to Extend Starlink WiFi: A Comprehensive Guide

Many people living in big houses usually seek to know how to extend Starlink WiFi coverage in their homes. 

It might be the case that you are having trouble accessing the service in some parts of the house or compound. 

If this is the case, extending WiFi coverage should be the most viable option for you. 

If you are wondering how to do it, we got your back. We will help you cover the entire home with Starlink Internet. 

How Much Does the Starlink Router Cover?

Starlink has one of the most powerful routers. Typically, the router covers a range of 200 square feet. 

This simply implies that if your home is 200 sq feet large, you can access the internet in every part of your home. 

However, several homes are wider than this and usually have some dark spots ( areas with no internet coverage). 

WiFi internet usually weakens as you move away from the router and could be weak in some parts of your house, even within the 200 sq feet range. 

Your router WiFi also has obstructions caused by solid objects to deal with. 

How to Extend WiFi Coverage in Your Home: 5 Tips to Know

If you are having trouble accessing Starlink WiFi in your home, the solution lies in extending the range. We have singled out the following tips:

Clear the Obstacle 

As mentioned before, solid objects standing in the way of Starlink WiFi signals can interfere with the internet coverage. 

If anything is standing in the way of your router, clear it up. Always mind where you position your devices, such as the oven, microwave, and portable phones. 

In case of an unmovable object such as a wall, try to put your router away from them. 

Move the Router to a Strategic Location

Think of router WiFi signal movement like water ripples when you drop a stone. 

With that in mind, your router should be centrally located to distribute signals uniformly within your home. 

You should also ensure you place the router as high as possible, above any object that might block the signal. 

Use 2.4 GHz Band for Devices Further Away from the Router Instead of 5GHz

While 5 GHz may be efficient for high speed, its efficiency reduces greatly when connected to long-range devices. 

However, 2.4 GHz is optimal in terms of speed and of the device from the router. 

Use a Hard Wired Connection

A wired connection offers a more reliable internet speed than a WiFi connection. 

For that reason, if possible, you can switch to a hard-wired connection. 

To do this, you will need to use the Starlink Ethernet adapter. 

Starlink eliminated Ethernet ports for their second-generation routers because of the high production that was involved. 

For that reason, it offers no hard-wired connection functionality on its own. You will need an adapter to achieve this. 

Starlink Ethernet adapter is a proprietary device that you can only get from the company shop. 

It offers an Ethernet port that you can use to connect your devices using an Ethernet cable

When connecting, start by plugging off the router power cable and then the dish cable from the router. 

Plug in the adapter cable to the port where you removed the dish cable and then the dish cable to the adapter. Plug back the power cable, and the system should power on. 

LAN blue Ethernet cable on a white background

LAN blue Ethernet cable on a white background

Use Starlink Mesh Network

Mesh networking is the best way you can use to increase the range of your Starlink WiFi. 

Mesh networks are made of interconnected nodes that constantly communicate with each other as well as with the main router. 

You can use it to extend WiFi coverage to every room in your home. Ideally, the device offers multiple connectivity sources instead of just one around your house. 

You simply locate the area in your house where WiFi strength is starting to get weak and set up a mesh network node. 

The first mesh network you will set will be the main router. Google describes an additional mesh device as a point. 

You can have several points to cover your entire compound if you wish. 

Use Signal Booster

Another simpler way to boost your Starlink WiFi signal coverage is by using a signal booster. 

These boosters work by simplifying your network signal, thereby allowing easy reception by your devices. 

You can set it up through these simple steps. 

  • Plug a signal booster into the power source to turn it on.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to connect it to the Starlink router through the adapter.
  • To pair a Starlink router with the WiFi booster, use your WiFi name and password. 

Use a WiFi Extender

WiFi extenders can channel WiFi signals to areas with poor connections. They are available in the local shops or online. 

You can set up the extender in these simple steps. 

Power the extender on Simply plug it into the power socket, and you will see it blinking as it tries to locate a nearby router. 

Once it finds a nearby router, the blinking will stop. 

Create an account to access the extender network: The extender may be ready to connect but will not transmit data until you configure it. 

The configuration starts with creating an account and generating a password in order to access the network. Locate its IP address using a PC.

Once you have it, copy it on a browser, and it will reveal a page where you create an account and password. 

Custom the extender name: The extender will search for the Starlink router, and when it finds it,  you will see it on the admin page. 

Once you complete the setup, a green light will appear, signifying a stable connection. 

A woman's hand plugging in a WiFi extender to power

A woman’s hand plugging in a WiFi extender to power

Use a Third Party Router

You can also extend your Starlink WiFi coverage by connecting the Starlink router with another router. 

But again, you will need a Starlink adapter to connect a second-generation router with a third-party router. 

You set up the adapter by following the procedure above, then connect to the third-party router using an Ethernet cable.

 The third-party router offers more wired connection capabilities. 

A black modern Wi-Fi router 

A black modern Wi-Fi router 


Which is the Best Way of Boosting Starlink WiFi Signal?

Any of the tips we have offered above works. It all depends on how far you want to extend the WiFi coverage. 

However, a mesh network and WiFi extender are the best options if you have a large home. 

What Should be the Maximum Distance from the Starlink Dish to the Router?

The Starlink kit comes with a 75-foot dish cable. However, if this is not enough for you, the company offers an extension cable of 150 feet. You can only find this cable from the Starlink shop. 

The Final Thought

Starlink WiFi network has limited coverage that may not be enough for your home. Thankfully, there are many ways to extend it, and we have offered you tips that will work for you.

 Some of our tips, such as repositioning your router, will cost you nothing. Others, such as using a mesh network, will cost you some money but are more effective.