How To Block GPS: Keeping Yourself Hidden

Those who want to travel — whether walking or driving — may get curious about how to block GPS. 

And that’s fair! It’s one of the best ways to keep yourself free from watchful eyes while on the move. 

This article walks you through different methods you can tackle to prevent those pesky signals from giving your location away. So, let’s dive right into it!

Why You Might Block The Signals

Today’s privacy invasion era has raised many concerns for everyone using technology to get around. 

That also means you’ll need to keep a close eye on things to make sure nobody’s watching your movement. 

In such cases, your employer may have stuck you with a GPS monitoring device, especially in the work vehicle.

 Or your partner/spouse decided it’s a great idea to do the same, no matter where you’re heading. 

All those circumstances create trust issues, raise red flags, and throw privacy out the window. 

Of course, turning off GPS answers all those problems and allows you to stay safe.

You Can Prevent GPS Tracking

GPS on a map. 

GPS on a map. 

Some of the most common ways to deal with GPS tracking involve changing some settings on your phone. 

You can also try tweaking the GPS device to stop it from tracking. 

Activate Airplane Mode 

The airplane mode feature.

The airplane mode feature.

Your smartphone also has a GPS feature that you can turn off. To do this, switch the Airplane mode on, which also keeps your phone from receiving cell/WiFi radio. 

Make sure your phone’s location services and reporting stay offline. Verify this via the Settings menu. 

Lastly, shut down your phone and take out the battery after turning on airplane mode. That way, nobody can completely track your whereabouts. 

Take Out The Device’s Battery

Battery removal can keep the signals away. 

Battery removal can keep the signals away. 

Removing the battery in the GPS tracker will stop the signal transmissions. 

So look for it in your car. After finding the GPS device, you may realize a magnet establishes a connection with it. 

Gently pull on that part, and the battery cover should come loose. Then, just take out the batteries, and the tracker won’t receive the GPS signal anymore. 

It’s best to visit an auto shop if the GPS tracker integrates with the car. 

Otherwise, you might damage some part of the vehicle after attempting a fix.

Aluminum Foil/Obstructions

Aluminum foil can block GPS. 

Aluminum foil can block GPS. 

This may sound silly, but aluminum foil can block the signals in your GPS device. 

All you need to do is wrap it up nicely whenever you want to make your location unknown. 

Even then, metal, concrete, trees, a metal box, and other obstructions can cause interference. 

GPS Blocker

There are two types of GPS blockers you can buy: a plug-in or handheld. 

However, it’s important to note using them is probably banned, depending on where you live. 

It can disrupt other GPS signals for airplanes and other services. 

So make sure you check with your local laws beforehand!

The plug-in blocker enters your vehicle’s cigarette lighter outlet and blocks incoming GPS signals. 

Turning it on is very easy — just ignite the car! From that moment forward, you won’t appear on any monitors while driving around. 

Ensure the blocker you want to purchase covers the required range for your car.

Meanwhile, the handheld type works the same way. You’ll have to push a button to turn it on and off. 

Furthermore, keep in mind that you must deactivate it after driving so that the device won’t mess up other signals.

What About A Magnet?

Magnets won’t impact the GPS signal. 

Magnets won’t impact the GPS signal. 

Magnets can’t block or interfere with GPS signals simply because they’re not strong enough. 

And your device features a microwave radio receiver that takes in Earth-orbiting satellite signals to figure out your speed/location. That’s something that magnets can’t affect.

However, powerful magnetic fields may damage the device. 

But that’s rare, and you’d need something to reduce the iron in blood cells.


It’s easy to block GPS signals on your phone, device, or car. And now that you know how to do it, you can travel with peace of mind. 

So you can finally say good riddance to that strange feeling of being always watched.