GPS Jewelry: Best GPS Jewelry for Your Safety

Have you ever imagined having something like GPS jewelry that you can use to alert your family and friends when you are in trouble? 

This wearable technology is already here with us and it is progressing rapidly. 

Smartwatches have been the most convenient trackers in recent times. 

However, with the increasing desire to have a wearable tracker that is hard to notice, hidden GPS jewelry is a great option. 

The device is easy to operate and can offer accurate information, just like smartwatches. 

What is GPS Jewelry? 

Global Positioning System (GPS) jewelry is a mini-size tracking device with the shape of traditional jewelry. 

The jewelry with a GPS tracker offers an instant and discrete way to notify loved ones when you are in trouble. 

Hidden wearable GPS tracker technology is widely used for seniors, lonely workers, and kids. You can wear it in various forms, including bracelets, keychains, pendants, and necklaces. 

How GPS Jewelry Works

The GPS jewelry works by utilizing GPS to determine its precise location. Let’s briefly take you through how GPS works. You can browse our website for a comprehensive guide. 

GPS constantly transmits satellite data to a GPS receiver. The receiver picks signals and uses them to calculate your exact location from at least 4 of the 24 GPS satellites through a process called trilateration

In essence, the GPS receiver compares the time the satellites transmitted the signal with the time it received the signal. 

The time difference indicates to the receiver how far the satellites are. The GPS receiver can then determine your location and display it on the electronic map of the unit. 

To access the location data of your jewelry, log into your web interface or mobile app associated with the GPS jewelry. 

The interface will show you the location of the jewelry on a map in real-time. It can also indicate when the jewelry enters and leaves a place ( geofencing) as well as the location history. 

Best GPS Jewelry for the Elderly

GPS jewelry tracking devices can help seniors and their caregivers stay safe and monitor their medical conditions. 

For now, the best bet would be InvisaWear products. This brand specializes in safety devices and has a good reputation. 

InvisaWear Gold Chain Necklace

Our top pick from the company is InvisaWear Gold Chain Necklace. This stylish necklace features a concealed button, so no one can tell it is a tracker. 

When you double-click the button, it sends a SOS message to five of your family members or friends who are your emergency contact. 

You can connect the necklace to your smartphone via an app for better control and operation. 

The app also enables you to set a loud alarm-like sound to alert nearby people that you need help.

 For US residents, you get a feature that enables you to immediately contact 911 when you need help.

 The device will notify the 911 dispatchers about your precise location. 

The battery is not chargeable but long-lasting. It can go beyond a year before you charge it, sometimes reaching two years, depending on how often you send messages. 

On the downside, the InvisaWear gold chain necklace price is slightly steeper compared to other GPS jewelry. 

Besides, it is not waterproof and, therefore, can get damaged in the rain. 

Smartphone GPS navigation app

Smartphone GPS navigation app

InvisaWear Expandable Bracelets

If you are not comfortable wearing a necklace all the time, InvisaWear offers you an expandable bracelet with GPS tracking. 

Essentially, InvisaWear Expandable Bracelets have similar features as the gold chain necklace discussed above. 

You will have to install the free app to connect the GPS bracelet to your smartphone. 

Then select the five contacts to whom you will send an alert message once you double-click the SOS button. 

Like other InvisaWear, it allows you to set up 911 to enable the US dispatchers to track you in case of emergency. 

This jewelry also has features of other tools, such as loud alerts that can scare the attacker. It is not waterproof and a bit expensive just like the gold chain necklace. 

Best GPS Tracking Jewelry for Kids

Kids also need protection just like the seniors. It is essential that you get a GPS tracking device for your kids so that you get alert when they are in trouble. 

For kids, we would still recommend InvisaWear products. They are pretty comfortable to wear, even for kids. 

However, GPS jewelry is ideal for older kids who can understand how to activate them when they need help.

 These devices feature a concealed SOS button that you press to send an alert during an emergency, and small kids may not be able to do that. 

Although there is no specific age when you can start tracking your kid, we would suggest giving GPS jewelry to 7 years and older. 

At this age, a child should be old enough to understand the device is for their safety, not for other reasons.  

For smaller kids, a tracking device or GPS smartwatch is much better. You can get a device explicitly designed for kids as opposed to GPS jewelry. A smartwatch can also be harder for a kid to take off than a necklace. 

A boy wearing a children's smartwatch

A boy wearing a children’s smartwatch

GPS Tracker Jewelry Consideration

Even with the few options that are already available, you should aim to get the best out of the market. Here are some of the factors that make GPS jewelry great:

Free App Connectivity

The GPS jewelry should have connectivity with a free smartphone application. This way, you will have great control over the information you send when you double-click the button. 

You can also select and change your emergency contact via the app much easier. 

Concealed Button

The GPS jewelry should not have its panic button exposed. You don’t want the attacker to notice you are wearing a tracker. 

Compact Design

The GPS should go unnoticed by the attacker, so it’s best to get dainty GPS jewelry. 

If it is a GPS device that you will clip on your jewelry, you want it to be tiny so that it doesn’t get noticed. 

Stylish Appearance

We can’t assume the traditional purpose of jewelry. You definitely want to upgrade your style and look fine while wearing them. 

Ensure you get what is more convenient to wear on a daily basis because GPS tracking features come with different accessories. 

Final Thought

Right now, GPS jewelry is the most convenient way to get notifications and updates about your loved ones. 

The options are pretty slim as of now but the technology is progressing rapidly and will soon dominate. 

InvisaWear is a reputable brand in this area and offers some of the best GPS jewelry in the market today. 

However, smartwatches offer better options for tracking smaller children than GPS jewelry.