Eero Light Meaning: How to Fix Eero Issues

Understanding the Eero light meaning can help you identify potential problems with your device, troubleshoot the issue and ensure the system is running effectively.

The device communicates by displaying flashing or solid color light, each of which has a specific meaning. 

When working normally, the LED status light should be solid white, and the device mobile app should be outlined in green light.

 If the light is in a different color, whether solid or blinking ( including blinking white), there is a problem. 

This article outlines the meaning of all the possible colors your eero may display. We also offer fixes you can try in case of an issue with your device.

What Color Should the LED Light on My Eero Be?

Eero is a brand of mesh WiFi system designed to improve and extend Wi-Fi coverage in your home. 

Eero devices typically have LED lights located on the front or top, depending on the model. 

The LED light serves to communicate information about the status and health of the device. 

When your Eero is on and functioning normally, the LED should be a solid white. 

You can confirm this with your Eero app and ensure it is displaying a green icon.

 If you see both of these, then you are sure your Eero is connected and working as it should be. 

If your Eero LED is in a different status light other than solid white, please refer to the table below to understand the meaning.

Eero Lights Meaning

Here is a summary of what different eero LED status light means: 

Eero LED Color Meaning
No lightMultiple Eero devices detected
Solid whiteEero on and connected to the internet
Solid BlueEero is not powered on
Blinking blueBroadcasting Bluetooth
Blinking white Eero starting up or connecting to the internet
Blinking greenEero is not connected to the internet
Blinking yellowThe device detects an unapproved USB power source
Solid redEero not connected to the internet

How to Fix Eero LED Status Issues 

If your Eero mesh device indicates LED status that is not normal, there are things you can try to clear the problem. 

Inspect Your Ethernet Cable

If your Eero mesh device indicates LED status that is not normal, there are things you can try to clear the problem. 

Inspect Your Ethernet Cable

Sometimes, a poor connection of a single pin of an Ethernet cable is enough to compromise the connection of the rest of your network. 

Therefore, inspecting your Ethernet cable is something you want to avoid assuming even when you are sure nothing has interfered with the cabling setup. 

Simply unplug and carefully replug all the network cables connected to your Eero. You should do the same with cables connected to other devices, such as your fiber router, switch or network hub. 

To disconnect the Ethernet cable, press in the retaining clip of the cable, then pull it out until the connection light goes off. 

Plug it back by gently pressing until you hear the sound of retaining clips clicking back to their position. 

However, if you notice the cable has a damaged retaining clip or any other issue, consider replacing your Ethernet cable. 

The good thing with Eero Ethernet cables is that they are more flexible. Unlike the power adapter, you can use any Ethernet cable with Eero. 

Power Cycle Your Eero Device

A simple power cycle may be all that you require to restore the normal LED status light. This old method of fixing internet issues is capable of flushing all the unnecessary caches. 

Because you need to know exactly what the issue is, restarting the service that your Eero uses to supply you with wireless internet coverage may also be necessary. 

Simply disconnect the power cord and wait for 30 seconds or until all lights are off, then reconnect it back. 

Remove Physical Block

Physical obstacles such as walls and shelves can interfere with the WiFi signal. 

Be it your internet service router or your primary Eero (gateway). You want to put it on an open surface where nothing interferes with the network signal. 

Remove obstructions around it so that it can pair easily with other devices within your home. You should also clean the devices regularly because even dirt can interfere with the signal. 

Use the Right Power Adapter

As mentioned before, your Eero device will blink yellow when it detects an unapproved USB power adapter. 

Eero does not recommend using a third-party power adapter. This may lead to inconsistency in performance.

In case you misplaced your official power adapter and need a new one, the company now offers a 15W USB-C power adapter that you can use for replacement. This adapter is now available on Amazon. 

Restart the Network

Refresh your network by restarting it through the app. So you will need to have the Eero app updated. 

To restart the network:

  • Simply launch the app and access the “setting” tab in the bottom right corner. 
  • Go to the “Advanced Setting” section and click the “restart network” option. 
  • Confirm you want to restart your network and wait for it to restart.
IoT smart home application

IoT smart home application

Reset the Eero Device

When you try the tricks mentioned above, and nothing works, resetting your device may be all you need. 

This is the most effective way to solve any unwanted LED status issue. 

It will clear all the network configuration settings and fix any software glitches or bugs responsible for these issues. 

A hard reset will go as far as restoring the factory setting of the device. 

Always start with the soft reset whenever you are resetting your Eero. Only proceed to hard reset if the issue isn’t fixed. 

Soft Reset

You do a soft reset through the reset button. Simply locate the button on your Eero router and hold it for around 7-10 seconds. 

When you see the router flashing yellow or amber light, release the reset button. Give the device time to complete the reset until the solid white light appears. 

Hard Reset the Eero Router

For hard reset, you will hold the reset button for around 5-20 seconds until a red light starts to flash, then release the button. 

Once the reset is complete, the device starts to flash blue, which indicates it is ready for pairing. 

Using the Eero mobile app, add the device to the network. Once the setup is successful, the blue light stops flashing. 

Resetting a WiFi router by pressing the button

Resetting a WiFi router by pressing the button

Check with Your Internet Service Provider

If you try all the above steps and none of them fix your issue, you will be right to assume the cause of the problem is not from your end. 

Server issues at your internet service provider (ISP) can also lead to disconnections. 

Call your ISP and inquire if they are experiencing any issues in their area. It could be a result of maintenance, a change in network configuration or a network outage.

 If The problem is with your ISP end, find out when to expect the service to resume normally. 

Contact Eero Support

Your issue may require professional assistance. Your router may be faulty or any other thing that you can’t handle. 

Contact the company customer support via email, live chat or phone. Different locations may have different support numbers

The Final Thought

A properly working Eero mesh device should show a solid white light. Any other LED color means there may be something wrong with the device. 

Fortunately, these are issues that you can easily troubleshoot on your own by applying the above fixes tips.