How To Buy Starlink: Adding This Internet In Your Home

Starlink internet satellites.

How To Buy Starlink? Let’s face it — we may need a handy guide on how to buy Starlink, especially for first-timers.  Sometimes, that can feel like a big frenzy if you aren’t sure of what to expect.  This also means you’ll have to think about what you want and the money-spending woes.  But the …

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Starlink New Zealand: Availability, Performance, and the Cost

Starlink availability in New Zealand

Are you planning to become a Starlink New Zealand subscriber? Starlink is one of the fastest satellite internet connections.  The service mostly targets rural internet coverage in places where cable infrastructure can’t access.  New Zealand is one of the most connected countries, with up to 94% having access to the internet.  However, some rural parts …

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GPS Issues: How to Deal with GPS Outages

Space GPS Satellite Orbiting Earth

Because of the nature of the technology, it’s very common to encounter GPS issues.  As the name implies, the Global Positioning System (GPS) is a global satellite navigation system.  This means you should be able to access it regardless of location. However, the number of visible GPS satellites differs from area to area. As such, …

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GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou: Which is Best?

Digital Hand Set Location On Map Stock Vector

GPS  GLONASS Galileo and BeiDou are some of the most well-known navigation systems.  Once upon a time, GPS was the only seemingly available satellite navigation system for consumers. In fact, GPS is essentially synonymous with satellite navigation.  We call wearables and navigation systems GPS watches and GPS trackers (respectively), even though they support and cater …

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How to Get Starlink Internet For Free: Exploring Possible Avenues

Excited lady enjoying internet connection

How to Get Starlink Internet For Free? The ever-increasing cost of Elon Musk’s internet might push you to explore how to get Starlink internet for free.  The company’s push for reliable global connection comes with a lot of investment in satellite technology and ground infrastructure.  For that reason, obtaining a free internet connection by the …

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Starlink Token Price Prediction: What Is It and Should You Buy

Cryptocurrency coins

With Starlink, the satellite internet provider, on an upward trajectory, it seems like the right time for a Starlink token price prediction.  Starlink token (STARL) looks like a good long-term investment. The numbers indicate that Starlink coin projections will continue to rise. From a high of $0.000080 in 2021, it has gone through lows and …

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How to Reset Eero: Fix Your Malfunctioning Wi-Fi System

If you own its Wi-Fi mesh system for your home or small business, it’s important to know how to reset Eero. Wi-Fi Mesh systems are superior to Wi-Fi extenders for several reasons. However, this does not mean that these systems are completely infallible. They can run into errors or malfunctions. This can occur due to …

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Does Eero Work With Starlink: Making Your Internet Better

Eero 6 has 500 MBPS speeds.

Let’s get to the bottom — does Eero work with Starlink? That’s likely what people want to know so they can use both together.  After all, this makes your internet life easier by giving you a stronger connection — especially in signal-weakening areas.  And everything you need comes in a pack of 1-3 devices to …

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